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Identity Solution

ZenKey is a transformative technology and network-based identity solution that relies on unique attributes from both the user’s device and wireless carrier network. It gives developers an easily integratable OpenID environment for user authentication and authorization, as well as for fraud detection and prevention.

To learn more, explore our demos, Quickstart Videos, Developer Playground and the ZenKey Portal.


Implementation Guides

View step-by-step walkthroughs on developer integration, plus best practices for implementation and enrolling users. Shorter guides for Android and iOS, plus Quickstart Videos on topics like authorization and token requests are also provided.

How ZenKey Works

Relying on unique attributes and capabilities that only AT&T, T-Mobile and Verizon have access to, we go beyond usernames, passwords and SIM cards—all of which can be stolen.

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Developer Portal

To fully integrate ZenKey, please register and log in to the Developer Portal to apply for and provision your services and to receive your client ID and support.

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Test Drive ZenKey

To preview back-end and front-end functionality before fully integrating ZenKey, install the ZenKey app on your mobile device and then use the following resources:

Developer Playground

Try different configurations in our sample web app to exercise ZenKey workflows, observe API calls, submit endpoint requests and view the responses.


ZenKey SDKs and web integrations on GitHub offer developers an easy, unique and highly secure way to authenticate users who access apps on their smartphones or web browser.

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