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Trust Services

ZenKey Trust Services are a collection of APIs and Event Alerts that help businesses prevent fraud on user accounts.

Get Better Protection from
SIM Swap Fraud

SIM swap fraud has cost businesses hundreds of millions of dollars, and the situation is getting worse.

With ZenKey enabled, fraudsters can no longer access your users’ accounts based on stolen credentials and a simple SIM swap. This is because ZenKey requires new SIM cards and devices to go through a robust recovery process that the user sets up beforehand.

In addition to these fraud prevention features built into the app, ZenKey will also offer two other options that can help you determine when a user’s SIM changes.

SIM Tenure API

We are pleased to announce limited availability of our first Trust Service—SIM Tenure API. SIM Tenure API allows you to make an on-demand inquiry and obtain information about the SIM tenure for your user.*

This service is currently available free of charge under a Limited Trial Agreement. Register now for more information.

*These types of on-demand (pull) inquiries are called User Traits, and we are currently working to make more services available.

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Event Alerts

Event Alerts will allow you to subscribe to and automatically obtain notification of a SIM change for your users. Please note that Event Alerts are not yet available for trial. We are working on making Event Alerts available in 2021.

Coming Soon

Please keep visiting this page to learn about announcements and availability for new Trust Services. Contact us if you would like to talk to a product expert about ZenKey Trust Services or have requests for new features.

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